Greetings, and welcome to Let’s Play Okami! I, Silver Falcon, will be your host. I’m taking up LPing this game after previous attempts petered out. Third time’s the charm? Let’s see!


What is Okami?

Okami is an adventure game originally released by Clover Studios in 2006 for PS2. Sadly, the game’s sales ranged from mediocre to lackluster, and Clover subsequently went under. In 2008, Capcom and Ready at Dawn ported Okami to the Wii, and later went on to make a DS sequel — Okamiden, which was released in March 2011. There’s also an HD remaster of this game, to be released on PSN in fall 2012.

Okami follows the journey of Okami Amaterasu, the Shinto sun goddess, in the form of a white wolf. Her partner on her journey is the diminutive wandering artist Issun, who provides gameplay hints and tutorial information, as well as serving as Amaterasu’s voice.

The game takes place in the land of Nippon: a fictional mythic era in the nebulous past of ancient Japan. It was a simpler time when gods and demons roamed the earth. The land is threatened by Orochi, the dreaded 8-headed serpent, who has spread a terrible curse, choking the life from the countryside. It’s up to Amaterasu to stop him and restore Nippon’s natural beauty.

Okami is rich in Japanese folklore mythology and, but you don’t need to understand any of it to enjoy the game. (I sure as hell don’t! Okami
) The game’s visual style is also indicative of the setting: it’s modeled after Japanese ink and watercolor paintings. The art and painting motif pervades the game — everywhere from the menus to the game’s central mechanic: the Celestial Brush.

Sounds good to you? Then join me in a journey through a beautifully-constructed game world, replete with stunning visuals and fantastic music. Make no mistake folks: this is a quality game. It’s clear at every turn that Clover poured its heart and soul into making it, and it’s a crying shame that the game sold so poorly.

General Info

This LP will be in video format with subtitled commentary. This game is highly atmospheric, has a fantastic soundtrack, and doesn’t move too quickly. I felt that subtitles would be less intrusive. If you’re just dying to hear my scintillating voice, worry not! Boss fights and select mini-boss fights will be done in voice-over commentary, since there’s a lot more happening on screen. I will also post an alternate version of said fights commentary with no for those who just want to listen to the sweet music while watching me completely humiliate the boss.

In the interest of avoiding LP burnout, which I have seen far too many times, I will try to keep a regular schedule. Updates will occur at least once a week, but no more than three times a week. I have a job, but no kids, so I’m sure I can manage that much. Just don’t expect daily updates, because it ain’t gonna happen. But don’t worry! To keep things interesting, between updates I will discuss the game’s mythological allusions, keep a running bestiary, and offer various other discussion topics. This game is long. really, really long, so there will be plenty of content, trust me.


I will be doing a 100% run to the best of my ability. Yes, that includes that sidequest. I have some plans for that one. I don’t know where absolutely every little treasure is though, so don’t go into a ‘spergy rage if I miss something. Minor note: I’ll be playing the Wii version. The differences between it and the PS2 version are mostly negligible; I’ll point them out here and there as we go. A detailed breakdown of the differences between the two versions can be found in the first post.


I welcome discussion, and I encourage you to play along with me, but please, plot no spoilers beyond what this LP has already covered. This game doesn’t have that many surprises, but I still don’t want them ruined for people who haven’t played the game.

I am also fine with people posting fanart, especially if it’s your own, but please, please please no creepy fanart! I define creepy as follows: don’t post anything you wouldn’t be comfortable showing an elderly relative. If your grandma wouldn’t respond to a picture like so, «Oh, look at the cute little wolf with face-paint,» don’t post it here, please. I’d like to keep this thread clean. The posting of anything NWS, NMS, or (God forbid) furry crap Okami
will result in this thread being locked until the next update. (Or longer!) You have been попереджені.

enough But of that! Let’s watch the introduction:

Note: I will upload videos to several sites for your convenience. If you wish to simply watch them, you can use either YouTube or Gamers Tube (Gamers Tube offers higher quality). If you want to завантажити them, use Gamers Tube.


YouTube Playlist. if that’s your thing.

Intro Video Definitely watch this video if you’ve never played the game. It sets the stage and well establishes the backdrop for the rest of the story. Those who have can safely skip it. There’s nothing there you haven’t seen before.

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