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This extension will work ONLY for html5 відео, so you must have ONE of the following:

1. Disable Flash totally ( Open Addon’s Manager, click on Plugins tab)

2. Opt-in to youtube html5: (You need to sign-in to your youtube account)

This will ensure that youtube always serves html5 video to you.

***** Please leave a favorable review if you like the extension *****

This extension will replace HTML5 video with a ‘Click to Run’ link. When you click on ‘Click to Run’ link blocking on the placeholder, the video will be loaded and started.

If you could not find this extension working for a video, please send me an email describing the video link and your version of firefox.

Please note that for now this extension works only on www.youtube.com. Depending on the feedback I will add more sites and possibly support for mobile.

Also, this won’t block old-styled Flash videos.

Report the bugs to the Support E-mail address listed on this page.


If this extension does not seem to work for you, please do not report it as a review. Kindly take some time to contact me on my email address listed on this page as «Support E-Mail». Please include in your email, Operating System (Windows 7, Vista, UBuntu etc.), Firefox Version and the youtube link that did not work for you. Thanks for patience.


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