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Tube Heroes is a company which manufactures figurines and plushes of well-known YouTubers. and own their own YouTube channel which uploads stop-motion animations. All the YouTubers that they sell in stock are Gaming YouTubers. and most are related to Minecraft.


  • AntVenom character set
  • AntVenom plush toy
  • Captain Sparklez character st
  • Captain Sparklez plush toy
  • Captain Sparklez slime sword
  • ExplodingTNT character set
  • ExplodingTNT plush toy
  • JeromeASF plush toy
  • KSI character set
  • Lachlan character set
  • Mini Figurine set
  • SkyDoesMinecraft character set
  • SkyDoesMinecraft plush toy
  • SkyDoesMinecraft character set 2
  • Tube Heroes Deluxe 4-Pack
  • Tube Heroes T-Shirt

Character Appearences

Each of the Tube Heroes characters are cartoon-looking versions of real YouTubers. All of the Tube Heroes have blocky heads, as Tube Heroes was originally just a Minecraft YouTuber toy manufacturer. They later released KSI. The characters, however, are not perfect blocks; their cheeks slide a bit, and really have small noses. The characters have pop-out shoes, which makes them look a bit more like a human being.

About the Toys
Captain Sparklez

Капітан Sparklez can be associated with four toys: The Captain Sparklez character set, the four pack (includes Captain Sparklez, Jerome, Annemariegaming, and Vikkstar123). Captain Sparklez plush Captain and Sparklez slime sword.

The CaptainSparklez set includes the YouTuber himself, Jerry the Slime, a slime sword and a shield that has his logo on it.

The Captain Sparklez plush toy matches the texture of the figure, except made out of thread and cotton.

The Exclusive Captain Sparklez can be found in the Tube Heroes 4-pack. The difference between the normal figure and the exclusive is that the exclusive has his logo on his outfit.

The slime sword is what Sparklez wields as a weapon in Tube Heroes. The package only includes a life-sized slime sword.

Caveman Films

CavemanFilms comes in one set and that is the character set. The character set includes the YouTuber himself, a caveman’s club, a dinosaur bone and a shield with his logo on it.

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