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When you download YouTube videos using our free YouTube Downloader, it doesn’t mean you have to watch them on one device. YouTube Downloader is a video converter that turns files into playable, portable video formats — so you can convert YouTube to iPod. iPhone. PSP and even YouTube to iTunes. View All .

It’s Fast and Easy to Use

The YouTube Downloader interface is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply copy and paste a video URL, then click the Download button.

Video Player Integrated

Our free YouTube Converter will also save files onto its extensive database, allowing you to build a player to categorize and sort your favorite videos, just like you would using iTunes!

What’s New

05/11/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.6 is now online! We’ve added some improvements for streaming sites.

04/26/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.5 is now online! We’ve added some small fixes for product stability.

04/14/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.4 is now online! We’ve added some small fixes for product stability.

03/24/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.3 is now online! We’ve fixed some minor stability issues for better performance.

03/04/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.2 is now available! We removed application ads in order to improve the usability for our users.

02/03/2016 — YTD Video Downloader 5.1.1 is now available! Small improvements

11/26/2015 — YTD Video Downloader 5.1.0 is now online! Small improvements

11/09/2015 — YTD Video Downloader 5.0.0 is now online! Resolved a critical issue and various crashes

01/09/2015 — YTD Video Downloader 4.8.9 is up! Small bug fixes.

11/17/2014 — YTD Video Downloader 4.8.7 is online! Now you can record 60 fps videos.

10/21/2014 — Version 4.8.6 is available! Major website streaming sites improvements!

09/15/2014 — YTD Video Downloader 4.8.5 is online! Small improvements and some minor fixes.

09/03/2014 — YTD Converter 4.8.4 is out! Further improvements to playlist recording from streaming sites.

07/11/2014 — YTD Converter 4.8.3 is online! Issues regarding downloading from certain streaming sites have been addressed.

06/17/2014 — YTD Converter 4.8.2 has been released! Downloading playlists has been fixed. Several other issues reported by users have been addressed.

05/01/2014 — YTD Converter 4.8.1 is released. Several improvements for saving videos from streaming sites.

04/01/2014 — YTD Converter 4.8 is available. Fixes for recording videos from streaming sites.

03/13/2013 — YTD Converter 4.7.4 was just released! Fixes for recording videos from streaming sites.

02/26/2013 — Converter 4.7.3 is available! Small improvements.

12/10/2013 — YTD Converter 4.7.2 is now online! Failed1 issue while downloading is fixed.

12/04/2013 — YTD Converter 4.7.1 is now online! Multiple issues encountered while downloading were fixed.

11/06/2013 — YTD Converter 4.7 is now online! Record videos in higher resolutions such as 1080.

10/21/2013 — YTD Converter 4.6 is available!

Several improvements to the Activity tab: play videos straight from there and check out the new right click menu. If you’ve been with us for a while, please review YTD here and you will be entered into a weekly drawing to win a free YTD Pro license.

08/15/2013 — YTD Converter 4.5 is online!

You can now save videos from more streaming sites.

07/30/2013 — YTD Converter 4.4 is online!

You can download now more videos from streaming sites. If your internet connection is limited, you can now save videos with lower quality. For large files, conversion data will be more accurate. Improved the download speed for smaller videos.

07/05/2013 — YTD Converter 4.3 is online!

We addressed some issues regarding downloading videos from several streaming sites. Also an issue with resuming free video downloads between computer restarts was solved.

06/20/2013 — YTD Converter 4.2 just released!

If your YTD experienced freezes while converting videos, those should now be solved. During the update your active downloads/conversions will be saved.

05/21/2013 — YTD Converter 4.1 was released.

We fixed a few issues, one of them being a Failed 1 error on downloading videos. We improved the conversion process, now you can drag and drop files to convert them.

03/28/2013 — YTD Converter 4.0 is online!

Numerous improvements have been added.

— Downloads are 2 times faster

— Conversions are 2 times faster

— Downloads are now resumed automatically if the internet connection fails

— Active download/conversion activity is saved when application is closed

— PRO users don’t get installer offers anymore

— New improved player for viewing the best experience

— Added Youku to the list of supported sites

12/07/2012 — YTD Converter 3.9.6 was released. More improvements to iPad conversion. Channels, Facebook and other download sites have been fixed.

11/09/2012 — YTD Downloader 3.9.5 was released. Improvements to the iPad conversion. Added Slovene localization.

10/17/2012 — YTD Converter 3.9.4 is out. Included is a fix for download for users with Windows XP SP2, fixed downloads for a couple of sites and made updates for Windows 8.

09/28/2012 — YTD Converter version 3.9.3 was released. We fixed for downloading ESPN and a few other sites.

09/04/2012 — YTD Converter version 3.9.2 was released. We made minor changes to the application.

06/29/2012 — YTD Converter версія 3.9 was released. Fixed minor things.

7/26/2011 — YouTube Converter Version 3.3 was released today. At the request of our many завантажувачі, file size has been added to the ‘Activity’ tab. The ETA was also made more reliable. Several other minor issues were repaired as well.

7/07/2011 — YTD Downloader Version 3.2 has been released, which includes fixes to minor problems with download from Spankwire and RedTube .

7/01/2011 — With the release of the free YouTube Converter 3.1, some issues заподіяння failed download statuses have been fixed. Tnaflix, Yuvutu and BBC downloads have also been repaired. YouTube Downloader now is offered in French as well.

6/16/2011 — We proudly announce the release of YouTube Downloader Version 3.0! Ver. 3.0 brings those who use our program several great additions:

— New interface with updated activity табуляції, keeping track of downloads/conversions status.

— The ability to Pause/Resume downloads, as well as conversions.

— Download playlists (All versions) & Download multiple videos in the same time (PRO version only).

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